Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tears of Joy at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5K

Oh,my god. Oh.My.God. 
I got 1st place in the race for my age category. 6th place out of 3200 females. I beat my previous STWM 5K time by a whooping 2 minute and 30seconds. After quitting running last summer and not training for 1+ year due to injuries. After barely ANY training before this race (only started running again about a month ago), and head wind at both the start and finish line. And, most important of all, after following a VEGAN diet. Oh, my god. I was literally CRYING when I crossed the finish line after seeing my finishing time. 20 minutes flat. If I had that last push and didn't slow down at the end, I could break the 20 minute mark. Still, I am SO HAPPY right now. SO,SO, HAPPY. Usually when I cry after a race, its because I did poorly. Not this time. This time, its tears of JOY.

with my finisher's medal

1st place medal :D

Award redemption tent

The "after party"

1st place medal

Finisher's medal

One of the happiest days of my life! GO TEAM TVA!!!! 
I also posted this picture in Facebook, and wrote-
Meat eaters, I prove you wrong again. Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5K- 1st place my age category, 6th out of 3213 females. Only started running again one month ago after I quit running last summer due to injuries that never seem to heal. Then I became vegan in January this year. Shockingly, I improved 2min & 30sec even with head wind at the start and finish line, barely any training, and NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. I also ran pain free. Plants, I love you. Animals, I love you too, that's why I will never eat you. As I was running all I thought about was "This is for TVA". GO TEAM TVA!
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