A little about me :)

I'm a vegan based in Markham, ON, Canada who used to eat at Mcdonald's and KFC everyday. I became a vegetarian 3 years ago and vegan 1 year ago. The kitchen used to be the last place that I want to be in, let alone make food! I also hated fitness tests in school because I sucked at it and I was afraid to do a somersault/front roll! I don't know how, but somehow, things changed. A lot. I'm now very, very passionate about food, yoga, fitness, and acrobatics. My favorite things to do are reading recipes, "veganizing" recipes and coming up with new ones! The first thing that I do when I pick up the daily Metro/24 hour newspaper is flip to the recipe section and see what's cooking :) (I don't really read other sections unless its really interesting xD). I'm also a raw food enthusiast, and I wouldn't go a day without starting off my morning with a gigantic bottle of green smoothie! I also love acrobatics and contortion. My body can bend like there's no tomorrow LOL! I wish to have my own raw/vegan restaurant/cafe and also to perform in the circus one day! May sound a bit crazy, but after looking back and seeing how much my life has changed and that I'm still here enjoying the things that I love to do, I really believe that nothing is impossible :)

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