Saturday, October 15, 2011

M & B Yummy! Ethiopian food!

I had dinner at M & B Yummy, a vegetarian/vegan Ethiopian restaurant in Queens West. Ethiopian people run fast, so why not eat the food that they eat before my Scotiabank 5K race tomorrow? :D Plus I LOVE their food!

Their menu. Their price is quite reasonable! Plus I got 20% off because I ordered take out (10%) and I have the Toronto Vegetarian Association's discount card (another 10%). They also have VERY GOOD customer service.

More items

Inside the restaurant

Love the design :)

Some Ethiopian appetizers (all vegan)

This is what I ordered- The "Beef" combo! It's really unique! The outer wrap is called Injera and its made with barley and teff grain, and inside, every corner is filled with different things like chickpea stew, potatoes and carrots, spinach, green beans......, and the centre is "beef". You will always taste something different!

Notice the different filling?

So filling!(no pun intended!). Only halfway done and I'm full already. But because its soo delicious, I still managed to finish it!

Back at home. I had so many ripe avocados so I decided to make raw chocolate pudding with them and use as a fruit dip (mangoes and oranges in this picture). Its REALLY GOOD and EXTREMELY CREAMY. All you need are avocados, cocoa powder, and agave nectar/dates/other natural sweetener, a blender/food processor, and 5 minutes! Super simple! I asked my parents if they could tell what is in the pudding and they were guessing and guessing but could not tell its avocados!

Can't wait til tomorrow's race!!!!!

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