Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Caribbean breakfast!

My class doesn't start until 2pm today, so I had tons of time to prepare my favorite meal of the day- breakfast! It's also sunny and warm today! Perfect pairing for what I made!

I bought Gardein beefless tips and Ezekiel tortilla wrap yesterday, so I wanted to make something fancy with them :) I also have some bananas on hand (correction, I ALWAYS have some bananas in my house, fresh, dried, or frozen :D) We were once monkeys, no?

So this was what I came up with-
Sweet and savoury Caribbean style banana "beef" and tomato wrap!

 I have absolutely no idea how it would taste but I just have this gut feeling that it will taste awesome!
What's in the filling?- Gardein beefless tips, sliced bananas, tomato sauce, dash of hot sauce and mustard, and a tablespoon of "Caribbean Baja seasoning sauce" that I made a while ago following a recipe from The Caribbean Vegan. The Baja sauce is simply a blend of green onions, vinegar, a bunch of spices and salt. Good substitutions are store bought Jamaican sauce, but homemade is always best!

Closer view. I didn't cook the bananas, I just mixed them in after cooking to retain the goody goodness when they're raw. To save myself from having to wash another bowl, I prepared the filling first, then poured them onto the tortilla , then slide the whole thing back into the pan to warm the tortilla before eating, then slide them back onto the plate. From start to end, I only used one plate and a pan, and residual heat to warm my tortilla. Smart way to save water and gas!

Ready to serve!

Just for fun! :D Those are olives.

Reading Vegan MOFO blogs, eating vegan Caribbean food on a sunny day after a nice grueling workout. What's better?

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