Friday, October 14, 2011

STWM Run Expo, Free Lululemon yoga mat, and Hoops!

I'm running the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5K this Sunday!!!! Its my first race since last summer when I decided to forgo competitive running after countless injuries that never seem to heal. This time, its more for fun and to raise money for Toronto Vegetarian Association :D I raised $150 for them! So today I went to the pre-race run expo to pick up my race kit/goodie bag and man, was it a good day!
The entrance

I signed on their board.Go team TVA!!! 

Dream BIG

Some of the booths

More booths, mostly selling technical running gear

This is where it got exciting! Lululemon was there! They were also giving out yoga mats for doing yoga! I was sooo lucky because that was the last one! I told them I LOVE yoga so they asked me if I wanted to do a pose or a sequence, so I did! They were pretty impressed with my flexibility :D

I did Sun salutation

Forward fold



Then a pigeon pose

The best part! I showed them my favorite pose :D

And this is how I finally got to own a Lululemon yoga mat :)

Stuff from the Expo. Goodie bag, 5K Technical T-shirt, Vancouver 2010 sunglasses for $5, and of course, The Mat!

This Sunday, I run for Toronto Vegetarian Association 

After the uber-exciting expo, I went to my beloved circus training class! Time to get some blood rushing to my head! Run-on my feet, Circus-on my hand, all balanced out :)

Attempting Splits under bar

There we go! Looks easy but its actually kinda hard to balance

Bird's Nest :D


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