Saturday, October 29, 2011

And thus, the last day of my 1 week raw food cleanse/challenge and Halloween party

Although the 1 week raw food challenge has ended, a new way of eating has begun. Sure I will still eat some cooked food, but the staple of my diet, I hope, will consist of raw, living foods!  :)

"Teriyaki" noodles with mung bean, red bean, and lentil sprouts

I was at a Vegetarian Halloween party at dinner time, and I'm glad to say that I stuck to raw stuff!
Look at all the food! (yes, I was not tempted to eat any of the cooked stuff)

More food! Got lotsa salad too.

This salad was really, really, good. Wakame with some dressing and romaine lettuce :D

The one with the blue face is the host

I'm on the left, reusing my dance costume from last year as my costume! xD

Another Christine, proud baker of the only cake at the party :D




Some stuff I had

This was a random hole at the host's house! I nearly fell into it while taking pictures of people! Now that's a Halloween scare!

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