Monday, October 3, 2011

Instant Raw Ice Cream!

Craving for ice cream but don't want to risk the freshman 15+? (especially when sitting for hours in lecture halls, hours in the dorm writing research papers and studying, and, well, thanksgiving...)

Here's how you can have a super creamy, delicious, and nutritious(!) ice cream!

Frozen Durians! If you just can't stand it, frozen bananas work awesome too! but you might need a blender/food processor if using frozen bananas to make them ultra smooth! If you've never tried durians, I SUGGEST YOU TRY THEM! Don't be turned off by the smell, they taste ridiculously good (like custard)! They are also high in essential fats(the good kinds), like avocados. There's a reason why they are called "King of all fruits", you know :) You can find them in Asian supermarkets.

 All you do is take em out of the freezer, defrost for about 20 minutes (not longer or they won't be ice cream), and then remove the pits :D I'm so tempted to draw smiley faces on the pits!

 Then, you add the extras! I added frozen blueberries and goji berries, plus some spices. You can add anything your little heart desires- berries, bananas, nuts, shredded coconut, dark chocolate chips......
Then, you just smoosh the durian with all your extras until combined. Or, if you have nothing in your kitchen, eat them just like that!

This is the spice blend that I used. It's called tea masala and I got it from Loblaws :) Add this spice mix to anything and you'll get Chai flavor! Awesome!

So there you go, a totally raw, vegan, and yummy midnight (or any time of the day, really, even breakfast!) treat!! Enjoyyyy

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