Sunday, October 23, 2011

Raw Food Challenge Day 1

I officially started my 1 week Raw Food Challenge today! :) (It wasn't smart of me to choose this day, because I was volunteering at the Delicious Food Show today and let me just tell you that there was a lot of will power required when browsing the booths! You can probably guess why! xD)'s what I had today (pictures are main meals only)  :)

 After an hour long, brutally cold, hand freezing bike ride this morning (which took me 15 minutes to defrost, and lots of people will want nothing but hot chocolate at this point ), I still looked forward to my refreshing Sunday morning juice! Today's juice has carrots, beets, cucumber, lemon, ginger, broccoli stalks, and cabbage, but it still tasted very, very, sweet and yummy because there's lots of beets and carrots :)

Brunch! (took me some time to juice and clean)
Banana Chocolate Chai "Oatmeal" with Goji Berries and Maca, sweetened with dates. Instead of regular rolled oats, I soaked whole, raw oats overnight, then blend them in a food processor with some dates, cacao and maca powder, then added the extras on top :D I also added coconut milk yogurt, although its not technically raw. Some non-raw foods that I'll still be eating are yogurt, miso, and other fermented/cultured foods because some raw foodists still consider them "living" due to the good bacteria in them.

Since I had brunch pretty late and it was super filling (unlike the SAD-Standard American Diet breakfast, which will not last even an hour), I just snacked on fresh fruits and trail mix throughout the day. There were also some samples that were raw in the Delicious Food Show :D

Cabbage Slaw with Avocado, Red Pepper, Kale & Sprouts, "Alfredo" noodles with basil and kelp

"Alfredo" noodles with basil and kelp
The noodles are made with spiralized zucchini and the sauce is cashew based with lemon juice, dulse, garlic, black pepper, and braggs liquid aminos. So simple yet so delicious!

Cabbage Slaw with Avocado, Red Pepper, Kale & Sprouts
The dressing is made with apple cider and balsamic vinegar, agave nectar and mustard. Doesn't get any simpler than that!

So there you go, day 1!

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