Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raw Food Challenge Day 5 and super cute cookie cutter

Third last day of my Raw Food Challenge/Cleanse! I can't believe how great I feel everyday! I learned so much in such a short amount of time! I have a complete different view of food now. Food should taste good and be filling, but most importantly, it must provide the body with easily digestible nutrients so that our digestive system does not have to work overtime to digest the food. With raw food, all the enzymes are still intact and alive, so our bodies will use less of our own energy to digest the food. Thus, we will have more energy to live our lives to the fullest! :D No more dragging our feet around!

I just noticed that a lot of my raw meals are very "Asian" xD 

Breakfast "cereal"- Sprouted buckwheat, bananas, dried figs and goji berries in Green tea Sesame and Hemp seed milk topped with cacao nibs, more figs and goji berries

Cheesy Red Curry "noodles"!

Rose, Cardamom and Basil Durian "Ice cream". Topped it so full I can barely see the bowl!

By the way, I went to Dollarama yesterday and bought some super cute cookie cutters!

This is my bowl of cookie cutters x)

Collection of cookie cutters

Aren't these cute??? Now I can make a whole family of Gingerbread Mans and Teddies! Can't wait til Christmas! Oh yeah, I finally convinced my mom to let my buy a DEHYDRATOR! SO EXCITED! Raw Christmas cookies, here I come!

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