Friday, September 30, 2011

Trapezing :D

It's my first ever time on the trapeze, but I'm doing well! It's soooo much fun!! Lots of strength required, though.  (the back of my thighs were super sore after..)

the "Gazelle", one hand off

"Gazelle", no hands. This is actually pretty scary at first because you feel like you're gonna do a face plant when you let go, but if you pull your thighs in really hard, you'll stay up! :D

Happy trapezing!


  1. Hey! Found your blog via the TVA's Facebook status... Just wanted to say: how the heck have we not met? Hah! I'm vegan, a runner, do yoga AND train at Cirque-ability too! I do the wednesday night acro class. Small world :) Looks like you have a blast in your aerial class. :)

  2. wow!we're practically the same! xD I'm in the friday acro class! Lets meet up one day :D I study downtown but i live in markham, but i'm downtown all the time :)