Monday, September 19, 2011

Accidentally Awesome Coconut Chocolate Orange Cream Cake

So yesterday after blogging about the veg food festival, I decided to make something with coconut meat since I had some sitting in my fridge. I also had lots of oranges on hand because my mom loves buying stuff on sale and keep them until they go bad (and she relies on me to finish up the stuff.)

When I went to Raw Aura on Saturday to use up the coupon that I got from winning the "Vegan Iron Chef", I was drooling all over the place after seeing their beautiful (and delicious, I assume) raw desserts behind their glass fridge/counter.
 The restaurant

The cheesecake of the day was blueberry. yummm! I didn't order any because I went there with my mom and since the stuff there aren't cheap, two items easily used up the $25. ~sigh~
(By the way we ordered Burstin' Burrito and the special of the day, which was Mushroom caps topped with "cheese". The burrito was AMAZING. I loved the carrot flax wrap and the filling was very generous (avocadoes, pate made with pumpkin seeds, etc)...and the "sour cream" that was on the burrito was nothing but yum! There was also a small salsa by the side. Oh, and don't even get me started on the mushroom caps. Holy geez I wonder who discovered how to make cheese with cashew nuts.)

Anyway, I digress...without further ado, I decided to make my own raw dessert :)
I didn't have a particular recipe that I wanted to make, so I threw in the coconut meat and the oranges into my Vitamix (yes I did peel the oranges despite Vitamix's powerful-ness) and added some random stuff like:

  • chopped Cocoa Camino dark chocolate bar
  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • agave nectar
  • orange extract
  • lecithin granules
  • psyllium husk
  • cinnamon powder
  • and....
  • carrot juice. (I have no idea what I was thinking when I added it but hey, it made it healthier and added a nice orange hue, so why not? :) besides, I knew the orange and chocolate would overpower the carrot taste)

Most of the ingredients are organic and fair trade, including the extract =D
(you probably won't find a lot of teenagers out there making their own raw vegan food, drinking green smoothies every morning and doing Ashtanga yoga in their bedroom, so yes, I consider myself a weirdo and I'm PROUD OF IT! =D )

After blending until the batter is extremely smooth (Vitamix, you are the best investment in my life!...ok fine, my mom bought it, but still), I poured it into a glass pyrex container and let it chill until firm.

The whole night I was looking forward to breakfast because I get to try my dessert! See the good thing about raw food? They're soo healthy that you can have dessert for breakfast and still feel good about yourself! hehehe...

 I should've put it in a round pan so it resembles cake more...ah well, next time

A good tip when making raw food is to line your container with parchment or cling wrap, or you'll have to lick  the container because you don't want to waste them! xD

A piece for my mommy

And a piece for me. I had to rush to catch the GO train, so no time to savour it at home! The stuff beside it are dried cherries and apricots

I must admit, its tasted pretty awesome! Creamy from the coconut and lecithin, sweet from the oranges and agave, comforting from the chocolate, and healthy from the carrots!

I can't deny, the GO train is pretty comfortable compared to TTC, but I got the shock of my life this morning when the bus took another route and I thought I was going to York instead of Union! 

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