Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lululemon @ Value Village

If you don't know what Lululemon is, its a brand that sells great quality (and very expensive) athletic wear and accessories that originates from Vancouver. Virtually everyone I know wears Lululemon shorts, pants, and sweaters, carries around a Lululemon tote, etc, etc. I've always dreamed of having a sweater or something from Lululemon (they look very comfy!), but my pocket would be empty after a shopping trip to their store!

So, on my way to cirque training... ...
For the first time ever, I wnet into Value Village, a donation-based store, and found--- A LULULEMON sweater in very good condition! And it was only $7.99!! When I grabbed the sweater, another girl saw it and told her mom "Look! She found a Lululemon sweater!"

You can probably imagine how ecstatic I felt. Its that super satisfying feeling that you get whenever you find a bargain. On top of the sweater I also found an Athletic works technical long sleeve top for $6.99. I bought it because it has a back pocket for cards and such for when I go for a run, and it looks brand new!
Lululemon sweater!

Athletic works tech shirt

the back pocket for card/money/bus tickets in case you get lost on your run

I walked out of the store looking like this:
Its also nice to know that when you buy from Value Village, the money is donated to charities :)

Originally I wanted to have dinner at Fresh, a mostly vegan restaurant with super fantastically delicious food, but because their food is soo good, I decided to save it for special ocassions :D

So here's what I had for dinner- Indian/Mexican style kelp noodle 
I threw in leftovers from the fridge-- kelp noodles, pineapple salsa, avocado, tomatoes, baby kale, curry sauce, curried tempeh, mushrooms. A very delicious combination!

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