Monday, November 21, 2011

November round up! :D

Some say November is the most boring month of the year. I agree at first, but after all the excitement and events that happened over the past 2 weeks, I disagree! xD

Here's a round up of my November :D

First off, I visited Urban Herbivore for the first time! I went to the one at Eaton centre. I still can't believe that random people at the mall are now eating vegan food!!

I ordered the Avocado sandwich, but they made the wrong one for me...They offered to make another one for me, but I said I'll have the tempeh one that they made since I don't want them to waste it. They felt bad and gave me a huge piece of banana walnut choc chip bread! I have to admit, it was delicious! They bake their own bread in store (I saw them take it out of the oven) and its made of spelt, not white flour. Its super crusty! The sandwich also comes with a small salad.

Not a bit left!

Next, I want to introduce to you the Ethiopian wrap(Injera) that I absolutely love. I discovered what Injera was when I visited M&B Yummy Vegan Ethiopian restaurant. Its healthy and tastes great! I finally found it at a convenience store near Lansdowne subway station :D yay!!
Its largely made of teff (a very tiny and nutritious grain) and barley, fermented (like sourdough bread), then I'm not sure if they bake it or put it on a pan...

Some new tricks at Cirque class. My favorite- Man in the Moon :)
Banana split! xD

The best part of the last 2 weeks was when my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Singapore came to visit! Missed them SO much! Haven't seen them for exactly 3 years! The cool thing is that they came at the right time because I get to celebrate my 18th birthday with them!
I took a day off work so that I can go to Niagara Falls with them. Caught this rainbow while strolling by the falls.

Siobhan, my favorite cousin. She's like a little angel!

Justine, the mischievous little one. On the left is my sister.

She's a cutie pie

But can be very bossy sometimes! I have no idea what my sister is doing...The little boy in the background staring into space is Ethan, also my cousin, and the older brother of Siobhan and Justine. He used to be really fun and loud, but he barely talks now...I blame it on the ADHD medication that he's taking...


I love this picture!

 Niagara Falls. Very misty.

We went to watch Spongebob 4D at night. It was a lot of fun!

We went to Niagara Falls for a day trip only. The following day ...

...was my 18th birthday! I made two raw cakes the morning of, then we had a little potluck party in the afternoon :D
This one is Dark Chocolate fudge cake with creamy chocolate icing. Some couldn't believe that it's raw because it tasted "flou-ry", but there was no flour in it! :) Very, very, very, fudgey and yummy!

The second one is Blueberry "Cheese"cake. The blueberry topping is kinda melting LOL. Very delicious as well! Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us such versatile nuts! My friends told me the dessert was more filling than the meal itself! (because the desserts are made of nuts and seeds, whereas the food that people brought were simply refined carbs :/

My mom's cousin brought the mini berry cheesecakes (back row), and my friend Meagan made the chocolate cake on the left. She made it with brown rice flour and leftover soy pulp from making soymilk! It turned out well! A chef in the making! I told her we should be business partners since I wish to have my own cafe/restaurant/recipe book one day :D She used to be really unhealthy, but I kinda transformed her xD

My cousins and I. My eyes were kinda swollen because my mom made me cry in the morning...

Take two!

Made my super long wish and cutting my cake!

Take two!

From left: my aunt from Singapore, my aunt from here, my mom's cousin, me

So healthy, I can have my cake and eat it too!

Meagan and Jade, two of my besties, bought me Fresh's new recipe book! So happy!!!!I love how thoughtful they are :D
It was such an awesome 18th birthday! :) We hardly ever get to have a family gathering this big since I don't have many relatives in Canada, so this little party made me extra happy!

 Next up, Fresh restaurant! I was super excited when I found an online deal for Fresh! $10 for $20 Fresh card! I bought two :)

Fresh's Tangled Thai salad. The dressing is very tasty and nostalgic! Reminded me of "Lou Sang", a traditional dish in Malaysia served during Chinese New Year.

I also bought a $20 for $40 deal for Freshii, a take out place that lets you customize your own meal for a very reasonable price!
I ordered the Vegan wrap and changed the dressing to Sriracha sauce. You can either choose the ones that are already created or pick your own ingredients for your salads, wraps, or bowls.

Spread mustard on top because they didn't give me enough sauce

And also some ketchup :) I love ketchup and mustard so much, I can put them on anything!

I know this is kinda random, but I was at a washroom stall in the GO transit terminal one day and saw this on the door...
And I smiled :) It brightens up everyone's day! Thank you to the anonymous who wrote this.

This post is getting very, very long! More November stories to come tomorrow!! Stay tuned!

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