Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Downsview Park Market

I've just discovered a really exciting and interesting place to shop and hang out on the weekends! Last Sunday I went to the pre-selection for the National Circus School at Toronto School of Circus Arts at Downsview and had lots of time afterwards. I happen to pass by this huge indoor market and decided to take a peek. I'm glad I did! This place reminds me of the famous Petaling Street in KL, Malaysia, where I came from. Its almost an exact replica except smaller and its indoor.

The outside

 The minute I walked in!

 International Food Market- You name it, they have it!

 Also an entertainment centre

 All kinds of unique booths

 Including As seen on TV haha...(I think they sell pirated stuff)

 Juice bar! :D Seems like this is the only food booth that sells reasonably healthy stuff

 Asian Food? Check.

 Phillipines food, Latin food, ......etc..

 Love antiques? Got it covered.

There was this little booth at the entrance that sells dried fruits and nuts for a really reasonable price! The owner was also very, very honest! I asked him how much one of the bags of walnuts were and he told me not to buy it because he said its not fresh anymore and the new batch is coming! And he told me exactly which ones are all natural and which ones have preservatives :D My new favorite store! I bought this huge bag of mulberries (no added preservatives) for only $10! Sweet deal!

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