Monday, November 7, 2011

I love farmer's market :)

Who doesn't love farmer's market? All the fresh fruits and veggies, unique delicacies, friendly people...I visited Dufferin Grove year round farmer's market recently and here are some highlights :) It was voted Toronto's Best Farmer's Market!
Lots of bread just at the entrance

Some treats

Amazing cookies!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Can never get enough of them xD

Home made corn tortillas. I tried a plate and they were really, really good! I can actually taste the corn, unlike the supermarket stuff, which looks like corn but taste like regular plain flour...

Old fashioned wood stove?

Rainy day, but still dedicated to coming

There were also some yummy dips

First time ever that I've seen brussel sprouts like that! Now I know how they grow :)

Baked goods

More baked goods

These are some very, very fat sweet potatoes!

The homemade organic corn tortilla that I bought. Its filled with homemade black bean and salsa with some buckwheat greens

If you're downtown and have nothing to do on a Thursday evening, make sure to visit Dufferin Grove Farmer's market! :D

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