Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November round up, continued!

Last week before going to Cirque class I didn't have much time to eat a full meal so I went to Panacea to buy a snack and discovered this little gem! I've always wanted to try it, but it was a little pricey, so now that I have a TVA discount card, I finally get to taste it! :D
Earthlings Organics Raw Matcha bar. Its soo crunchy! Tastes a lot like graham cracker! 

If you get a chance,you HAVE to try it :)

Best time of the week! This is uneven split

I don't know how I got into this position. Somehow I pulled the rope back while in uneven split and ended up like this xD

The next day...
Fresh, encore!
Take out again because I have to babysit my cousins from Singapore since its their last day here so everyone else went for dinner. We had sooo much fun at home! I showed them some videos that I took from 3 years ago while they were really young and goofy LOL. We literally ROFLed. They changed SO much!

Anyway, I got a card for free juice from Fresh due to their bad service that day. They also forgot to give me tofu!! >:(

This was what I ordered- Grounding greens bowl (their special of the week). Steamed greens, walnuts, avocado, grilled tofu steaks(which I did not get any) and protein boost topping with lemon garlic sauce. I find it pretty normal...This is the first time ever that I didn't rave about their food, but I still love them!

Sadly, my cousins are leaving the next morning...I was extremely sad when I woke up and find the house all quiet! :'(
Justine, the youngest one, drew this for us :D (my family). Such a good artist! Can't wait to see them again!

So, this past Sunday, I went to the first Raw food potluck hosted by York region raw food meetup group. I usually go to the ones in downtown T.O. and I'm so glad that there's one in Markham now! The host, Cynthia, also invited Rawlicious' owner, Chelsea! She brought some super duper delicious Chocolate dipped Macaroons! We got to listen to her raw food journey! :D I loved hanging out with like minded people and I absolutely love the conversations that we had! One lady said "We spend so much time cleaning our house and not our bodies.." Everyone burst into laughter LOL!
By the way, Cynthia also has a blog, go check it out!

Some of the desserts and appetizers at the potluck. On the left is a very scrumptious Banana-pear pie topped with a very delicious paste made with sunflower seeds and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. I made Raw Banana Orange Oatmilk because I had a lot of leftover sprouted oat groats, so I just threw it into the blender and added some random stuff. Amazingly it turned out very , very well!

Food, glorious food! Everything was so good! The Chocolate dipped macaroons are on the far right hand corner. I also made Asian "Vermicelli" noodle. :D

Veggie cocktail :D yum!

So full after finishing everything!

My mom picked up some papaya and coconuts while waiting for us at the potluck, so that night I got to enjoy a Papaya Cardamom smoothie made with refreshing coconut water! Sweet!
Here's a useful equation for you :) 
 Papaya+Cardamom = Peanut butter+Jelly

Go nuts for coconuts!

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